{DREAMS AND CALLINGS} the best is yet to come

Saturday, July 15, 2017

 This time last year, I was still a ballet dancer. I haven't talked about it much in a long while, but I'm suddenly remembering where I was July 2016: dancing literally 24/7 and aiming for a career as a professional dancer.

I wrote a more in-depth post on this in December, but, long story short, I got injured and had to stop dancing. And -- trust me -- when you stop doing something that you'd been doing nonstop for a long time, it feels really weird/horrible = rough months and moments of feeling utterly lost.

i'm so behind on tags {TAG MASH-UP}

Saturday, July 8, 2017
Tags. Yes. Haha... *clears throat*  May was a month of tags, and since I'm still relatively new to blogging, I didn't account for switching my regular posts with tags. Now I have an overload of tags that are getting old. I still plan to do some, but in the meantime, I smashed a few together. I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to do them, but I've learned my lesson. :P Thus, this tag mash-up.

So get ready for me to answer a bunch of random questions from the Sunshine Blogger tag, and the Bookish Book Lover tag, and the Liebster Award tag :D

(I fit in about 18 questions)

1. What's one random thing about you that few people know?

{JUNE WRAP-UP} + makeover & vlog ideas

Saturday, July 1, 2017

 (aka... I haven't done this since April, have I?)

HOW IS IT SUMMER?!?!? I have creepily vivid memories of this time last year, so it doesn't seem right that summer 2017 is already here :P

So how did I kick off my summer?
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